Congratulations! When you see this web page, you are one of the few health-conscious people on this planet.  And yes, you should congratulate yourself for taking this step to look for improvement of your life quality!

Articles in this blog are based on scientific facts. Furthermore, this also represents my personal track from “health ignorant” (though, young and vital) university graduate to shocked and “health conscious” person.

What caused this difference? Why have I shifted from what today is a “traditional diet” to responsible dietary habits? Education. I am a very strong and healthy individual and I do not have any major health issues or breakdowns. However, as a young woman thinking about the future of my family, food became crucial part of my concern.

And so, my journey starts! It is fair to say that I am not a doctor, nor am I certified to give advice on health or cure of any sicknesses. My background is in business & finance and math is my hobby!

However, this blog aims to raise a crucially needed voice for our health. This is to stir up and question the “traditional ways of food consumption” and question the “established” traditions. Why?

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. You have certainly heard this quote of Hippocrates. This was said nearly 2000 years ago but sadly enough we approached an adverse path. So my call is that we take the right medicine and not the “expired one.” The “expired medicine” stands for processed food consumption, served to us, unknowing (system trusting) individuals and nations since 1960s.

What is so special about 1960s? The retail revolution of Walmart and countless food chains that have turned service into a great customer pleasure. And I admit, I love being served quickly and conveniently. But what is the price?

Does the “low cost” of items that we can purchase there cover the “cost of our broken health?”

To answer these and many other following questions in regard to proper dining and dietary habits, I wish to share my personal research and wish to interact with you, my dear readers in order to build a conversation and network of health conscious, responsibility taking “brothers and sisters.”


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